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Your money or your life

The book Your Money or Your Life is about financial independence and was one of the first books written on topics in the early 90’s.

The book was released in 1992 and written by Vicky Robin and Joe Dominguez. It is quite interesting that Joe Dominguez worked as a financial analyst on Wall Street and retired at the age of 31. The year was then 1969. It hit my preconceived notion that the economic independence trend was relatively new.

How anyone can take control of their finances and work towards financial independence. They worked extensively with lectures and seminars but in 1992 they released this book.

The book’s layout


In addition to the introduction at the beginning of the book, the book contains concrete steps to change your relationship with money and achieve financial independence. Funny thing is that a little here and there in the book comes case studies from people who have gone through the nine steps. They talk about their challenges and how they changed their lives to more easily achieve financial independence.

The introduction is really interesting and well written. Vicky thinks that instead of “making a living” most of us do something she calls “making a dying”. She takes up a regular work day for an official / worker to call the clock, check the phone, shower, breakfast, leave the children, sit in the car queue, take care of difficult e-mails / discussions at work, check social media, commute home, be human with your partners and children, cook, photograph the food and post on social media, watch some shows on Netflix, read some emails, sleep. And so it goes on repeat until the weekend or the holiday.

The job is at the center of many of us


When someone asks what you do, most people respond with what it does at work. Not what they are passionate about or what we might really want to answer? Jobism makes us happy to chase new titles and higher salaries, which in some strange way has become a status symbol in today’s society. It seems to be better to be the sales manager at an energy company compared to being a teacher eg. just because the salary is worse for the teacher. But does the teacher do an equally important job?

However, it has been found that higher wages do not make you happier. Those who earn more consume more, buy finer things and more things. This means that we have to go back to work on Monday to be able to finance our lifestyle that we build based on our income. The squirrel wheel is running.



Today’s society revolves around so much consumption. All the desire for more, bigger and better drives what the economy wants, growth. Unfortunately, our soil is not able to withstand the consumption pressure we create through the lifestyles that many aspire to today.

Although there are studies that show that things do not make us happier, there are things we buy on so many occasions and situations in our everyday lives. When we are depressed, when we are alone, when we feel unloved, we usually go and buy something to feel better. We buy a new outfit, a drink, a car, an ice cream, a trip to the ice cream shop.
When we are celebrating success we have been so good that we deserve to buy something, maybe a cruise / weekend, a bouquet of roses. When we are bored, we buy something.