Major Travel Disruptions during the last 5 Days


  • Slight delays were caused on  the following routes this morning as a result of road traffic incidents.
  • A road traffic collision at 0750 hrs on the A1231 Sunderland Highway & Washington and a broken down HGV in Washington also on the  A1231.
  • A four vehicle road traffic collision about 0730 hrs on the Team Valley Trading Estate on Kings Drive & First Avenue
  • A four vehicle  Road Traffic Collision around 0845 hrs on the A1 southbound slip road for the A695 Scotswood Road.
  • There was also a report of an accident on the A167 North West Radial route about 0830 hrs between Cow Hill  & Grandstand  Road in Newcastle. The police attended but no evidence of a collision could be found.
  • There was also a report of a vehicle fire on the A189 Spine Road at the Three Horse Shoes roundabout near Newsham, Blyth, Northumberland.

  • Approx 06:48-08:55 - There was a road closure due to a lorry striking a bridge on B1426 Lobley Hill Road between Team Valley & Victoria Road. Delays on Saltwell Road, A184, A1 Northbound & around Team Valley due to diverting traffic.

  • Approx 08:15-09:08 - There was a collision between a car & cyclist on A188 Benton Road northbound side of the Dovedale Gardens mini-roundabout in Benton, Newcastle. Delays affected both north & southbound traffic on A188 between A1058 & Four Lane Ends.

  • Approx 07.40-10.00, Severe delays on the A167 Central Motorway southbound, queues as far back as A1 via Kenton Lane through from Gateshead due to temporary signals at Gateshead side of Tyne Bridge. The signals had a timing issue which is being looked into. These delays were exacerbated by a broken down vehicle on the Swanhouse Roundabout.


A19 Testo's Roundabout Improvement Consultation

Local residents, businesses and road users are encouraged to join in with a seven week consultation into the £62 million A19 Testos junction improvement scheme.

The consultation begins on Monday 13th October and continues until Friday 28th November.

Proposed works involve raising the A19 carriageway above the existing ground level on an embankment and carrying it over the existing roundabout.

More information can be found:


Lane Closure - A184 Askew Road Eastbound (A167), Gateshead

The A184 Askew Road A167 junction has now been returned to two lanes however as of Saturday the 8th of November new traffic management will be set out on High Street North & Southbound for the next phase of  works involving the placement of high visibility yellow studs in the carriageway to guide road users through the works and as such there will be an increase in traffic initially until road users adjust to the new measures and delays could ensue. Motorists are being advised that delays are likely and being asked to consider using the Redheugh Bridge as an alternative.

The works are being carried out by Gateshead Council as part of the redesign of the Oakwellgate Roundabout where the A167, A184 and other routes join on the approaches to the Tyne Bridge. On completion the project will simplify traffic signal control at the junction reducing waiting times for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Gateshead Council Director of Transport Strategy, Nick Clennett said: 

“We apologise in advance that these roadworks are likely to cause some delays but they are sadly unavoidable. 

Warning and diversion signs are being erected on the approaches to the route. We're sorry that we weren't able to give more notice of the works to motorists, We will be working through the weekend in order to try and get them completed as soon as possible. 

Motorists travelling on the A184 and wishing to cross the River Tyne in a northbound direction should consider using the Redheugh Bridge rather than the Tyne Bridge for the duration of the works.”

The work taking place involves the removal of the existing kerbs at the inside of the carriageway. Due to the width of the road at this point it is not possible to do the work without reducing the road to a single lane.


Overnight Resurfacing Works Central Station Area - Newcastle

Newcastle City Council will be be resurfacing Neville Street overnight between Westgate Road and Clayton Street West over the next two weeks.

Neville Street – Bewick Street to Clayton Street West

The work will start on Sunday the 23rd of November 2014. Working hours will be 20:00hrs until 06:00hrs Sunday to Thursday lasting four days. 

Whilst the works are undertaken several lane closures will need to take place. The diversion route will be signed posted for the resurfacing of Neville Street onto Bewick Street via St James Boulevard. 

Neville Street – Westgate Road to Bewick Street

The works will start on Sunday 30th of November 2014. Working hours will be 20:00hrs until 06:00hrs Sunday to Thursday and will last for four days. 

Works to be undertaken by closing this section of road.

Diversion Route:

Clavering Place, Forth Street, Forth Banks, Marlborough Crescent & Westmorland Road.

"If the works on Neville Street (Westgate Road to Bewick Street) are completed early the works will start to complete the resurfacing of Clayton Street West.  Working hours will be 20:00hrs until 06:00hrs."

Works to be undertaken by closing Clayton Street West between Bewick Street and Westgate Road. A diversion route will be installed prior to these works taking place.


A1/A19 Fisher Lane Roundabout Pinch Point Scheme @ Seaton Burn

The works to improve the A1/A19 Interchange are part of the National Pinch Point Programme. The pinch point programme forms part of the UK Governments growth initiative, outlined during the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in November 2011.

When And Where Is This Happening

Construction started June 2014 and it is estimated to be delivered by January 2015. The works are located at A1/A19 Interchange and the A19 Fisher Lane Roundabout, North of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

What Works Are Taking Place And What Will It Cost

The A1/A19 Seaton Burn Interchange acts as a bottleneck, causing congestion that has a knock on effect at the Fisher Lane Roundabout. This is resulting in delays and unreliable journey times for road users in this area.

The estimated project implementation cost is £6.5 million.

How The Scheme Will Be Carried Out

At The Fisher Lane Roundabout:

  • Provide a third lane on the Fisher Lane and A19 approaches to the roundabout, and provide traffic signals on the B1318 approach
  • Provide a third lane on the roundabout between the A19 exit arm and the A1 exit arm
  • Provide a shared pedestrian / cyclist facility to assist vulnerable road users in crossing the roundabout

On The Slip Roads:

  • Improve the layout
  • Introduce a second lane on the southbound exit slip road approach to signals
  • Extend the third lane of the northbound exit slip road

What Are The Benefits

  • As part of the Pinch Point Programme, the aims of the scheme are:
  • Help to reduce daily congestion
  • Reduce journey times for the travelling public
  • Boost the economy
  • Improve safety

Closure Dates And Times For Resurfacing Works

1. Fri 20:00hrs 10th Oct to Mon 13th Oct 06:00hrs
2. Fri 20:00hrs 24th Oct to Mon 27th Oct 06:00hrs
3. Fri 7th 20:00hrs Nov to Mon 10th Nov 06:00hrs
4. Fri 14th 20:00hrs Nov to Mon 17 Nov 06:00hrs


A167 Cowgate Roundabout Re-configuration, Newcastle

Works will commence in October 2014 on the A167 Cowgate roundabout Newcastle Upon Tyne which will improve traffic flow at the junction for Ponteland Road & Stamfordham Road in and out of Newcastle.

The junction will be signalised and priority lanes will be added for buses to speed up public transport.
The old subway will be removed and street level signalised  pedestrian  crossings installed along with dedicated cycle routes.

This is a large undertaking and some disruption in inevitable. 

There will be public consultation meetings at the following venues,

  • KFC, Ponteland , Cowgate. 17th September between 8am & 11am
  • Aldi, McKendrick Villas Cowgate. 18th September between 10am & 1pm
  • Morrisons, Two Ball Lonnen, Cowgate. 19th September between 10am & 1pm.

For further information follow this link


A167 Tyne Bridge / Oakwellgate Junction Improvements, Gateshead

Changes to the busy and often awkward Oakwellgate junction on the approaches to the Tyne Bridge are being carried out by Gateshead Council in a bid to ease journeys for pedestrians, cyclists and most motorists. 

The work, which commenced Monday 8 September 2014 include the removal of the tight left turn that currently allows traffic to turn off the A167 heading towards Newcastle and onto the A184 Askew Road. Instead this traffic will be directed westwards along Charles Street from the Park Lane roundabout and would continue northwards along Prince Consort Road before rejoining Askew Road.

The works are likely to take 15 weeks to complete. It is intended that two lanes of traffic will be maintained in both a north and south direction for the duration of the works.

There were long delays to Southbound Traffic on the A167 from Newcastle over the Tyne Bridge on the first morning of the works, primarily created by signs displayed on Tyne bridge which gave a misleading message to motorists. This has now been rectified and the arrangement of signs, cones and road studs is now set out to encourage motorists to use the maximum available carriageway capacity.

See the new layout here.

Update: Temporary Traffic Signals Replace permanent signals

From Saturday November 15 temporary traffic lights will replace the permanent signals at the junction to allow for upgrading. The temporary lights are the least disruptive solution to allow the upgrading to take place, however Gateshead Council is warning that additional delays are possible.

The temporary traffic lights will allow the upgrade work to take place without the need to excavate the road. The upgraded traffic lights to be installed will instead make use of the existing under road trunking. The alternative of installing the upgraded lights alongside the existing ones would require lane and possibly even full road closures.

The temporary lights will control all movements at the junction of the A167 and A184 for two weeks; until Sunday November 30.

Gateshead Council director of Construction Services, Victoria Beattie, said: “This junction is one of the busiest in the region and the upgrade work is essential. Wherever possible we are working in ways that will minimise the impact to motorists but unfortunately on such a busy junction some delays are inevitable while the work is carried out.

“We’re doing all we can to complete as much work as possible during weekends in order to complete the improvements as quickly as we can. We’ve adjusted the schedule for this particular job to reduce the number of weekdays affected.”

Motorists are still being advised to consider using the Redheugh Bridge to cross the Tyne if possible.

The changes to the Oakwellgate junction are being carried out by Gateshead Council in a bid to improve safety and ease journeys for pedestrians, cyclists and most motorists. The project is due to be completed by the end of December.


A188 / A189 Major Improvement Works, North Tyneside

North Tyneside Council applied for and won £2.2m from the Department for Transport to carry out major improvement works on the A188/A189 Benton Road corridor.

This major project will help to improve general traffic and public transport movements. This in turn will support future job creation and local economic growth, enhance road safety and provide better pedestrian and cycle facilities.

Highlights of the Works

  • A191 / A188 Four Lane Ends Roundabout - Replacing the existing roundabout to a signalised junction
  • A188 / Goathland Avenue / West Farm Avenue Roundabout - Replacing the existing roundabout to a signalised junction
  • Quorum / Balliol Business Parks Roundabout - Installing traffic signals on the existing roundabout
  • A188-A189 Benton Lane / Salters’ Lane Roundabout - Widening & installing traffic signals on the existing roundabout
  • A189 next to White House Farm - Install a new signalised roundabout with Pegasus crossing & new bus stops
  • A1056-A189 Sandy Lane / Killingworth Way Roundabout - Widening & installing traffic signals on the existing roundabout
  • Eastern side of A188 Benton Lane / Goathland Avenue junction to Quorum Business Park - Improved off-road pedestrian and cycle links

This project is being managed and delivered by Capita, North Tyneside Council's technical services partner.

Construction is due to start this summer. The works will cause some disruption, however every effort will be made to keep this to a minimum.

All works will be carried outside of peak times, between 9.30 and 15:00. Some limited night time working will be required. No approaches will be closed, most will be reduced to a single lane. No diversions are required for the works.

Full info including maps of works please visit:


Major works in Sunderland & South Tyneside in 2014

Works on seven major schemes to help traffic flows are set to start in 2014 in Sunderland and South Tyneside.

The works will lay the ground for further developments following confirmation of the
Sunderland City Deal in Partnership with South Tyneside.

More than £9m has been earmarked for the infrastructure schemes to help traffic entering and exiting the A19 corridor and support economic growth.

The improvements will assist with:

  • Reducing traffic congestion and improving journey times on key routes

  • Opening up access to key employment sites within the North East Low Carbon Enterprise Zone and the Nissan plant

  • The development of a 100 hectare International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) to the north and west of the Nissan plant as part of the recently announced Sunderland and South Tyneside City Deal.

Other planned works include improvements to Sunderland's pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

Funding has been made available from Central Government with £5m from the Regional Growth Fund, £4.17m from the Local Pinch Point Fund, plus contributions from Sunderland City Council (£500,000).

The 2014 schemes include:

(1) A19/A690
Updated traffic signalling at the A19 junction with the A690 Durham Road - works carried out by Sunderland City Council

(2) A19/A183
Updated traffic signalling the A19 junction with the A183 Chester Road - works carried out by Sunderland City Council

(3) A19/A1231
The Highways Agency is planning works to the A19/A1231 junctions. These comprise:

Updated traffic signalling
• Widening the eastbound A1231 approach to the A19 to three lanes

(4) A19/A1290
Conversion of existing A19 junction with the A1290 to traffic signal control to improve the main north-south access route to Nissan and reduce existing queues of traffic on the A19 – works carried out by South Tyneside Council

(5) A1290/Nissan Access
Updated traffic signalling at the A1290 junction with Washington Road, improving staff and visitor access to the Nissan car manufacturing plant – works carried out by Sunderland City Council

(6) A1290/Cherry Blossom Way
Conversion of existing A1290 junction with Cherry Blossom Way to traffic signal control improving the ease and safe use of access to and from the Nissan distribution depots and other local supply chains - works carried out by Sunderland City Council

(7) Cycleways
Works improving the cycling network and connectivity between Nissan and the residential areas at Washington, Pattinson and North Sunderland. This includes off carriageway cycleways alongside the A1290, linking to Sulgrave Road roundabout and Albany Park, and Pattinson Road – works carried out by Sunderland City Council.


A1 Improvements: Coalhouse Roundabout, Gateshead

A major upgrade to A1 Coalhouse Roundabout has been announced by the Highways Agency. 

Works to be carried out include:

  • New part-time traffic signals
  • Resurfacing of the A1 slip roads
  • Widening the southbound carriageway of Kingsway South between Eleventh Avenue and the roundabout
  • Widening to Lamesley Lane at the junction with the roundabout
  • Widening of the carriageway to Coalhouse roundabout in the vicinity of Chowdene Bank junction
  • Installation of new traffic signs & street lighting
  • Renewal of road markings.
Work starts on Monday 26/08/014 to Friday the 14/12/14, assuming reasonable weather conditions. All work will take place overnight, starting at 20:00 each evening until 06:00 the following morning.

When complete, these works will help relieve peak time traffic congestion to and from the Team Valley and reduce accident risk.

In order to carry out these works it will be necessary to close the A1 Northbound and Southbound entrance and exit slip roads from the A1 Western Bypass:

  • Kingsway South between Eleventh Avenue and Coalhouse Roundabout
  • Lamesley Lane near the roundabout
  • Partial closure of Coalhouse Roundabout itself 

During the time of the works diversions
will be clearly signed.  The following diversions will be in place:

    • A1 Slip Roads – Diversion to Lobley Hill or Eighton Lodge Interchanges as appropriate
    • Kingsway South – Diversion via Eastern Avenue, Saltwell Road South and Chowdene Bank
    • Lamesley Lane – Diversion via Smithy Lane and Chowdene Bank


      A1 Improvements: Coal House-MetroCentre, Gateshead

      The Highways Agency is making improvements to the A1 around Gateshead with a target start of works date of 26 August 2014. The scheme is planned to be open to traffic by spring 2016.

      This scheme was announced as an extension to the A1 Lobley Hill to Dunston scheme in April 2014. The scheme will now extend south from Lobley Hill junction to Coal House junction and north from Dunston junction to the Metro Centre junction. 

      The improvements consist of upgrading the A1 from two to three lanes in each direction between Coal House and Metro Centre along with the introduction of new parallel link roads between Lobley Hill and the A184 Gateshead Quays junctions.

      The scheme will be constructed within the existing highways boundary and no additional land will be required. It will relieve congestion on this section of the A1 Western Bypass, and therefore improve journey time reliability.

      For further information regarding these works please contact Lynne Biddles at Highways Agency, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds, LS119AT. Alternatively, call the Highways Agency Information Line on 0300 123 5000, or email

      Further info may be found at

      Traffic Update as of 04/11/14

      Traffic management for the A1 Coal House to Metro Centre Improvements scheme will include Lane closures Northbound & Southbound which will commence from the 3rd of November through to the 18th of December. All lane closures will commence from 20:00hrs - 06:00hrs (pending traffic count)


      Full closures will commence over the following weekends;

      Saturday 8th of  November & Sunday 9th November

      Saturday 15th of November & Sunday 16th November

      Traffic Update as of 14/11/14

      An additional full road closure from Lobley Hill junction - Coal House Roundabout will take place on

      Tuesday 18th November 2200-0600, and again on

      Wednesday 19th november 2200-0600.


      Lobley Hill Road / Kingsway Roundabout, Team Valley Trading Estate

      Delays are to be expected as work begins on improvements at a key junction linking the A1 Western Bypass to the Team Valley Trading Estate and Gateshead. 

      The £3.4m improvement scheme at the Maingate - Kingsway Roundabout on Lobley Hill Road is due to begin on January the 18th 2014. Lane closures will be in place for significant periods during the 30 week project and this is likely to significantly add to journey times, particularly during peak times.

      The scheme is expected to ease congestion and improve public transport links.The Lobley Hill Road improvement programme is seen as the first part of linked works, which will also see major changes on the A1 Western Bypass relieving the third most congested "A" road in the country.

      The improvements will include the introduction of traffic Signals on the roundabout, together with the creation of a Northbound bus and cycle lane on Kingsway itself and a Westbound bus lane between the roundabout and the A1 junction. In order to accommodate the new bus lane, the road will be widened rather than removing an existing lane used by all traffic.

      Many bus journeys through the Kingsway roundabout at peak times currently face several minutes of delays due to congestion in the area. This is expected to be dramatically reduced.

      The project is due for completion during September 2014 and will be followed almost immediately by the main A1 improvement works. During the works motorists are being warned that delays are inevitable with lane restrictions in place, to allow the widening and improvements.


      Park & Ride

      Across Tyne & Wear there is a variety of Car Park & Ride facilities. At these locations users can interchange with either bus, cycle, metro, rail or taxi & avoid queues within city centres or possible full central car parks.

      Car Park


      Post Code

      Interchange with...



      NE10 0NE

      Bus, Cycle Parking, Metro, Rail & Taxi

      Callerton Parkway


      NE13 8DF

      Cycle Parking & Metro

      Great Park


      NE13 9AA


      Kingston Park


      NE3 2SW

      Cycle Parking & Metro

      Regent Centre


      NE3 3PF

      Cycle Parking & Metro



      NE6 4NT


      Four Lane Ends

      North Tyneside

      NE7 7UJ

      Bus, Cycle Parking, Metro & Taxi

      Northumberland Park

      North Tyneside

      NE27 0SJ

      Bus, Cycle Parking & Metro


      South Tyneside

      NE32 4QA


      East Boldon

      South Tyneside

      NE36 0JZ

      Cycle Parking & Metro

      Stadium of Light


      SR5 1JB

      Cycle Parking & Metro


      Open Data

      The Tyne & Wear UTMC officially launched it's Open Data Service at the Integrated Transport and Weather Information Pilot (ITWIP) event at Sunderland Software City on Friday 28th February 2014.

      The key principle of open data is to increase transparency and the sharing of information we hold with the wider community.

      Our service provides third party developers with access to a number of datasets sourced from the Tyne and Wear Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) system. Developers are then able to build useful applications using the data we have now made freely available.

      Data that has been released includes travel and transport related datasets through the provision of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The initial datasets made public include:

      • Air quality data
      • Car Parks
      • CCTV
      • Journey Times
      • SCOOT
      • Traffic – Accident
      • Traffic – Event
      • Traffic – Incident
      • Traffic – Roadwork
      • Weather station data

      To get more information & access please visit

      The Tyne & Wear Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) & the Open Data Service is provided by Newcastle City Council on behalf of the North East Combined Authority.


      Other & Minor Disruptions

      ROAD CLOSURE Cemetery Approach, S.Shields

      Road Closure on Cemetery Approach in South Shields. Major flood alleviation work starts 12/11/14 - 19/12/14 all day.

      ROAD CLOSURE Downhill Lane East of the A19

      Road Closure on A1290 Down Hill Lane at A19 to allow for Junction improvement works. This closure also restricts access to and from Sunderland Road from the A19 Junction.

      ROAD CLOSURE High St West & Crowtree Rd, Sunderland

      Road Closure on High Street West & Crowtree Road outside the Londonderry Pub in Sunderland City Ctr from 19/05/14 to 25/12/14 for major highway improvements. Seek an alternative route, expect delays.

      TEMPORARY SIGNAL Durham Dr (A194-Coventry Way/Exeter Way), Fellgate

      Temporary traffic signals on Durham Drive in Fellgate between A194 & Coventry Way/Exeter Way. Major flood alleviation works starts 06/10/14 - 17/02/14 all day. Local delays likely.

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